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Top Shelf Quilts' Guide to Choosing the Right Fabric

Creating a quilt or other sewing project is a craft that takes time and patience, but the right fabric can make it even more enjoyable. With so many different fabrics out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for your quilt. To help you through the process of selecting the right fabric, Top Shelf Quilts in Mokena, Illinois, has put together the following guide. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right fabric for your next sewing project. 

Determine How Much Fabric You Need

The first step in choosing the right fabric is to determine how much you need. You’ll need to measure the quilt top and calculate the amount of fabric you need to cover it. You should also factor in any additional fabric you may need for binding or backing.

Consider Colors and Patterns 

Now that you know how much fabric you need for your quilt, it’s time to pick out the colors and patterns. Think about the overall look you’re going for with the quilt, and pick out fabrics that will complement each other. You may even want to try out some different combinations and see what works best before making your final decision. 

Consider the Weight of the Fabric

The weight of the fabric is another important factor to consider when making your choice. Different types of fabric have different weights, so you’ll need to choose the one that best suits your project. For example, if you’re making a heavy blanket for the wintertime, you’ll want a heavier fabric than if you’re making a baby blanket.

Consider the Different Types of Fabric

Different fabrics have different properties, such as absorbency, durability, stretch, and weight. Cotton is a popular choice for quilting because it’s soft, absorbent, and easy to sew. Other fabrics, such as wool and fleece, can be used for a unique look and feel.

Shop Fabric & Sewing Supplies at Top Shelf Quilts

At Top Shelf Quilts, we have more than 4,000 different bolts of fabric that we sell by the yard. We also carry a large selection of fat quarters and other precuts. Whether you’re looking for cotton solids, batik, novelty, seasonal, or any other style, Top Shelf Quilts is the place to rely on. Shop our selection of fabric online, or visit us at our Mokean quilt shop today!