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Tips and Tricks for Making Perfect Quilting Squares

Quilting is a beloved craft that allows enthusiasts to create beautiful and functional pieces of art. To achieve stunning quilting squares, it's important to use the best quilting fabric. At Top Shelf Quilts in Mokena, our fabric store offers a wide range of high-quality materials for all your quilting needs. Read through our valuable tips and tricks to help you create perfect quilting squares that will showcase your skills and creativity — and shop our online fabric store today!

person picking fabric

Choose the Right Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is crucial for achieving flawless quilting squares. Look for fabrics that are tightly woven, have minimal stretch, and hold their shape well. Fabrics made specifically for quilting, such as cotton, are often the best option. Explore the vast selection at our fabric shop to find the perfect materials for your project.

person cutting fabric

Precise Cutting

Accurate and precise cutting is the key to well-aligned quilting squares. Use a quality rotary cutter, quilting ruler, and cutting mat to ensure clean and straight edges. Measure twice and cut once to avoid wastage and achieve well-fitted squares that fit together seamlessly.

working on a seam

Consistent Seam Allowances

Maintaining consistent seam allowances is essential for a professional-looking finished quilt. Use an accurate seam guide or sewing machine foot to ensure uniform stitching throughout your project. Take your time and practice sewing accurately to enhance the overall appearance of your quilting squares.

ironing fabric

Proper Pressing

Proper pressing can make a world of difference in achieving neat and crisp quilting squares. Press seams flat before opening them to set the stitches, and then press them open or to one side, following the pattern instructions. Use a high-quality iron and press with gentle pressure to avoid stretching the fabric.

Find the Best Quilting Fabric at Our Mokena Fabric Shop

Creating perfect quilting squares requires attention to detail, quality materials, and precision. Start by choosing the best quilting fabric available at Top Shelf Quilts in Mokena. Then, with these four tips and tricks, you can ensure that your quilting squares are sure to turn out beautifully. Enjoy the creative process and let your skills shine through in every project you undertake. Happy quilting!

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